CF68 is our latest range of Premium Quality Aluminium Bifold Doors and the smaller sibling to our most popular CF77 system – with approximately 25% lower prices.

Designed specifically for residential and light commercial use, CF68 supports a maximum height of 2.5 metres — down from CF77’s 3m but still comfortably supporting the UK’s best selling configuration of 2.1m.

CF68 comes with quality hinges, steel rollers, guides and other integral components – just like its big brother CF77, and its energy efficiency and thermal performance is almost identical – with Uw Values as low as 1.3 W/m2K. It also easily supports both double and triple glazing with an IG (Insulated Glass) unit width of between 24 and 52mm.

The greater the weight of glass, the greater the need for high quality hardware. CF68 is designed for standard installations at the most common size points, so although it doesn’t require the same extreme quality hinges and rollers used on CF77, the new hardware is still very high quality but still achieves cost savings of around 25% against CF77.