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About us

People are continuously looking for ways to maximize their space,
visually as well as physically. Our Concept Folding Door (CF77) offers them the
opportunity to optimize the utilization of their rooms, drawing
the external environment into their homes.

Bigger Is Better When It Comes To Bifold Doors

When looking at the many aluminium bifold door systems available it’s tough to define what makes one system better than the next. Most Bifold Door suppliers advertise their standard criteria like U Value, Air Tightness, Water Tightness etc - all of which are good indicators of performance. But these performance measurements are not easily understood by the average homeowner. Not to mention a lot of people in the trade. But you can tell a lot about a Bi Fold Door by its size and weight restrictions. During Research & Development manufacturers decide upon the criteria their Bifold door should achieve. It’s also at this stage that companies decide where they would like to position their Bifold Door system in the market. Some opt for cheapest prices and some opt for extreme quality. One of the main things that drives cost issues is the maximum size parameters of the system. Obviously the larger a Bi Fold Door panel the larger the glass unit. And therefore the more glass weight it needs to carry. The greater the weight, the greater the need for high quality hinges, rollers, guides and other integral components.

Aluminium vs. PVCu Bifold Doors

PVCu systems have strict size limitations to around 2.4m in height and 1.0m panel width for their white colours which restricts their use when large glass areas are required. When PVCu systems are coloured or foiled woodgrain the size limits are further reduced due to the darker colours attracting heat and expanding which causes operating malfunctions. Aluminium offers the perfect material for Bifold doors due to its inert strength to size properties. Much slimmer sightlines are achieved in comparison to PVCu or Timber Bifold Doors. So as Aluminium has all the attributes to produce much larger better performing Bifold Doors why such a difference from one system to another?

Maximum Width and Height of Bifold Doors

Below is a table showing the most popular brands of Bi Fold Doors and their maximum width and height sizes as well as maximum glass weights.

Why is there such a difference?

Well, it does not just happen by accident that one Aluminium Bifold Door can achieve much better results than another. It is all about the design and specification. You do not need to be an engineer to understand what quality looks and feels like. By simply holding our Bifold Door hardware and comparing with some of the other systems’ hardware it is not difficult to see why the CF77 and CF68 achieve such results. When you consider the role hardware like hinges and rollers play in the operation of a Bifold Door it really should be a priority to investigate closely what is holding up to 120kgs of glass per panel over the lifetime of the door.