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No Fuss Clear Per Panel Pricing

A Bifold with Premium Features As Standard

Get A Competitive Advantage

By Positioning the product to include all of these ‘must have’ features you can attract customers who are looking for quality and features without the premium price tag.

Marine-Grade Paint – Included In Price

Our Aluminium Bifold Doors are coated with marine-grade paint, offering exceptional durability.

PAS24 Security – Included In Price

Our doors adhere to PAS24 security standards, ensuring the safety of your customers.

Maximize Value with Our All-Inclusive Aluminium Bifold Doors

Our Aluminium Bifold Doors are designed not just to meet, but exceed your expectations without the extra cost. Each door comes standard with a range of high-end features, ensuring premium quality and enhanced security. Customizable to your specifications, they provide the perfect blend of form and function at a straightforward price

107mm Sightline – Included In Price

Slim sightlines of 107mm that go to a max height of 2700mm

Fully Assembled – Included In Price

Our aluminium bifold doors are engineered for convenience and efficiency, arriving at your doorstep fully assembled. This thoughtful delivery means you can enjoy faster, hassle-free installation.

Faster Installs = Happy Installers

Innovations such as pre-gasketed clip-in beads and flush captive gaskets on the sash exterior reduce the time spent on glazing during installation, a feature highly appreciated by your installers.

Clip-in Beads

Pre-gasketed clip-in beads ensure a secure and weatherproof seal for enhanced insulation.

No On Site Gasketing

All gaskets are factory fitted in the sash. Throw away those gasket shears!

Our Factory Is A Tape Measure-Free Zone

Switching to a factory setup that doesn’t rely on tape measures and instead uses CNC (Computer Numerical Control) automation offers some straightforward benefits to you, our customer. Here’s what this technical upgrade means for you in practical terms:

Precision and Quality

With CNC machines, we’ve eliminated the risk of human error in measuring and cutting. These machines follow exact digital instructions to create parts that are consistently accurate to the design specifications. This means that the products you receive are not only made exactly as intended every time, but they also fit and function as expected without variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about bifold doors, installation, and our trade partner programs.

Yes we do! We offer a full range of ALUNA products, including the ALUNA Window, ALUNA Bifold, ALUNA Slider, ALUNA Glazed Door, ALUNA French Doors and ALUNA Entrance Door.

We currently have the following standard colours available: Matt Grey 7016, Matt Black 9005, Gloss White 9016, Matt Grey 7016 on Gloss White 9016, Matt Black 9005 on Gloss White 9016

Yes, we offer trade partner programs that provide exclusive benefits and support to our trade partners. Contact us to learn more about our program and how to become a trade partner.

Yes, our bifold doors can be customized to meet your specific requirements. We offer a range of options for sash profiles, sight lines, maximum heights, paint finishes, security standards, glass options, and efficiency-enhancing features.

In order to safeguard the pricing strategies of our trade partners, we refrain from displaying prices on our website. Please reach out to us for further details regarding our straightforward and transparent “Per Panel” pricing policies.